Steigen Solar

We bought and installed the Steigen Solar ($949 for 1.8M drop height).

It was the only one we found in the market with the drop height for our high ceiling.

Remote Control
Quick Drying
Mobile App
2 sets of Blower (3 hrs auto turnoff)
Average drying speed (T-shirt and jeans): 1-2 hrs


Machine host: 1240mm x 306mm (48.82in x 12.05in)
Rack before extension: 1270mm x 500mm (50.0in x 19.69in)

Length: 1270mm (default) 2170mm (max)
Extendable length: Up to 450mm on either side
Width: 500mm
Height: 220mm

Installation Space Required: Space of 1300mm x 700mm x 230mm i

Energy Consumption

Total : 870W

LED light: 12 watts
Lifting motor: 138 watts
Solar dryer: 700 watts
Air circulators: 20 watts

0.72 kWh when using Solar function


6500K Cool White, 1600 lm


35kg lifting weight (120kg stationary weight)

1. International Standard. IEC 60335
2. European Standard. EMC, LVD

2 Years on All Parts and Services
5 Years on Motor

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