Ceiling Fans

We got this fan from Decor Fan SEA. Same design (and colour) for the entire home.

  • 52″ for Living Room and Master Bedroom
  • 48″ for Dining Room and the remaining 2 bedrooms (

The fans are cost $699 each + $5 delivery charge for all 5. They can all be controlled via remote control.

The service however is rather disappointing.

I wanted to connect up the fans to my home automation system and emailed Decor Fan SEA asking for the wiring diagram, motor specifications, and remote control details. Decor Fan SEA directed the query to their partner / warranty service provider – Air Wings Express. Specifically, I asked

Can I get the electrical specifications (what is the load and wiring? Is there wiring control for the lights/speed or just via remote)?

Also, I assume the fans come with remote? If so, can I confirm if it is RF or IR? And if RF, do you know the frequency?

Neither Decor Fan SEA nor Air Wings Express could provide me the requested information initially. In fact, the Air Wings replied that

we do not have the electrical specifications

and that

It (the remote control) is RF but there is no frequency stated on the remote control hence we are not able to advise from our end as well.

After prodding further, Air Wings Express provided me with a link to the specifications from Decor Fan SEA. It is the same image attached to this post.

When the fan was delivered, there was a wiring diagram was in the box! In addition, the RF remote and receiver was Air Wings “branded” and included a wiring diagram!

While the remote is obviously an OEM product, and the accompanying documents did not state its frequency. However, I would expect Air Wings, as the importer, to know its frequency and ensure that it is legally permitted for use here. In fact, I was also able to find the operating frequency stated in an FCC application for the product.

While Air Wings Express was lacking, they at least provided the specification. As for Decor Fan SEA? They did not even acknowledge my email, but just silently forwarded it to Air Wings Express to handle. It is definitely disappointing too that Decor Fan SEA did not seem to know the product they sold. (This did not seem to be the case at their showroom!)

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