Since our first home, we’ve bought our mattresses online. We buy our mattresses from (previously known as

I would attribute this to a variety of reasons

  • Price : It is generally cheaper to buy online
  • Comparing : I prefer to do my comparisons without a salesman around.
  • Mattress type : Other than firmness, the rest of the features such as anti-bacterial, fabric, density etc… are all marketing to me. There is no guarantee.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, we brought the Rhapsody Bonnell Coil Mattress ($585).


The Maliland Rhapsody Mattress uses Premium Quality Material, to ensure proper support needed for sleep and better durability. Layer of coconut fiber is used on both side of the mattress, for firm back support.

The extra strong side support wire provides better edge to edge support, allowing the mattress to keep in shape, preventing premature sagging, ensuring good night sleep for many year.

Key Features:

  • Bonnell Coil System
  • Extra Durable Spring Construction
  • Deep Layers of Resilient Upholstery
  • Anti-bacteria, Anti-fungal, Anti-dustmite
  • Layer of Natural Coconut Fiber on Both Sides
  • Strong Side Support Wire for Edge to Edge Firmness
  • Non Woven Fabric, Natural Fiber and High Density Foam Padding

Firmness Scale : 8/10 (Extra Firm / Very Hard)

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