Thank you!

Decided to post something in appreciation of CG… =)

CG was the one who came up with this idea of blogging to mark our 1-year countdown towards the wedding. Being the more tech-savvy one, he was the one who did the set-up, layout etc etc… And since he’s more tech-savvy, he is also the one who has been updating, organising and beautifying this blog. =) I contribute by adding to the posts. =) By now, I think it’s pretty obvious that I prefer words, he prefers pictures. =)

I must say I’m very thankful for him in my life. My friends used to tell me, when God closes one door, He opens another. Indeed this is so true. When my dad passed away in March last year, it was really a very big blow to me. CG was the one who rushed down to my place on the very day itself. During the wake, he msged and called me everyday to check that I was fine. My dad’s demise hurt greatly, and it still does now, but it would have been much worse if CG had not been with me. I’m so thankful that God brought CG into my life.

Since the day he proposed, we started preparing for our wedding, bit by bit. CG was the one who came up with excel spreadsheets, google docs etc to organise things. When on leave, he spent time tidying up the excel spreadsheets so that it’ll be easier for all. Every now and then, he would think of little ideas about the wedding, the reception, the venue, the car etc etc. Though our wedding is still pretty far and there are many things to be done, I think it shouldn’t be too difficult, since he is so organised and full of event planning knowledge. =P

Like what I was telling a friend the other day, it is not easy for two people to know and to love, and to eventually get married. Life is never a bed of roses, there will certainly be ups and downs. When things don’t go smoothly, it would be easy to call it quits, but that is certainly not a wise thing to do. Relationships need to be nurtured and worked on, so just as people thrive on praises, I felt that I really have to show my appreciation for CG for making that difference in my life. =)

Life would have been so different without you, CG. =)

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