Honeymoon Updates

Haven’t been blogging, so here are the updates. 🙂

Day 6
We were supposed to leave early for Hakone, but decided to sleep till a bit later. Since we were not able to make the day trip to Hakane, we decided to go to Harajuku instead. Harajuku was supposedly “the happening place”. And it sure was! When we reached there, it was very crowded. CG wanted to see those girls in cosplay costumes and we managed to spot a few. There were quite a number of interesting shops and PG managed to get knick-knacks here and there. 🙂

We had crepe the moment we reached Harajuku and it was great! And it was chocolate banana flavour, CG and PG’s favourite. 🙂 After shopping at Harajuku, we had tempura and tendon at one of the restaurants, before proceeding to Akihabara, Tokyo’s electric town.

CG liked Akihabara cos there were so many gadgets and eye candy. Indeed, the whole place was filled with electrical shops and once in a while, there would be girls dressed in maid costumes, giving out pamphlets. There was this particular building called the “Taito Station”. It was actually 7 storeys of Taito machines! You can take photos, neoprints and play arcade games in this building. After browsing through the shops, we headed back for Tokorozawa, to meet CS and J for dinner.

Dinner was fun! We had Japanese pancake which we cooked on a hot plate built into the table. It was nice and warm to eat such pancakes and drink beer in the midst of the cold weather. Oh, forgot to mention, before dinner, we went to the 100-Yen shop. PG was so delighted with the shopping that she actually came out of the shop without wearing her winter jacket. Shopped until she forgot the cold! 😛 After dinner, we went to the arcade to play this drumming game. It was a test of rhythm as well as coordination. So fun! 🙂

Day 7
We left CS and J’s place at about 9am for Kyoto. It was a long journey of about 4 hours in all. Our hostel was near the Misasagi subway station. It wasn’t easy to find it at first, cos it was quite ulu, there was no map and it was raining. But CG still managed somehow. 🙂 After settling in, we ventured to the Higashiyama station area. Had our late lunch at this cosy little cafe called Pooh’s Cafe. The food was good! We had an Obashi set and a Hot Apple Cinnamon waffle for dessert. Yummy!

After a nice lunch, we went to Shoren-in Temple. It was already dark and drizzling but the temple was well-lit. After going to the temple, we took the bus and subway to Shin-kyogoku Arcade and Teramachi Shopping Arcade. Interesting place! Lots of little shops selling all sorts of stuff. At the shopping arcade, Shiseido products were going cheap! But PG had to resist buying, cos bringing back to Singapore would be a hassle. 😛

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