Anything for my wife?

I wanted to blog about this quite some time ago, but have been kept very busy.  Since now I’m not in the mood to do anything, I thought I would just blog about it.

If you had read the earlier posts, you might have read that we are now attending our marriage counselling course.  To be very honest, if I were to have a husband that followed everything that was taught in the course, I think I would have been the most blissful lady on planet earth.  But the rational part of me tells me that it’s not possible.  Moreover, there are some parts that I myself as a lady doesn’t agree with.  In the end, I concluded that I’m fine even if my future husband doesn’t follow every single thing stated in the course.  

In the latest session, there was another couple who came to share.  Personally I was really happy that they were there.  They gave me the impression that they were happily married, yet not sticking rigidly to all the ‘rules’ of the marriage course. 

They did some sharing, and basically their guiding principle was ‘There’s no hard-and-fast-rule, as long as the couple is happy with it, and it’s not bibically wrong.’  I thought it was so so true.  But there was this line that the husband said that really touched me.  I think there was something that he didn’t agree with, but he said “I may not agree with it, but how my wife feels matters to me.”

I just attended a colleague’s wedding dinner last night.  He is truly an example of my profession.  There is an ‘induction’ to every part of his speech.  It was a very long speech and I only remember the front, cos again it touched me.  He was relating about him going back to the room just before the wedding dinner to get something that his wife left behind in the room.  He met a foreign visitor there and the visitor asked him why was he in a suit in Singapore’s weather.  The conversation went something like this :

Groom :  Oh, I’m going back to my room to get something my wife left behind.

Visitor :  Well, that’s the start of marriage life.

Groom :  I know.  I have this feeling that when I go back to the ballroom, my wife would realise that she left something else in the room.  But it’s ok, I’ll go back and get it again.  I’m willing to do so everyday of my life, willingly, lovingly.

 Of course, when this part was said, everyone went ‘Wahhhh!’  But knowing this colleague of mine, and judging from the amount of sincerity he said it, I’m pretty sure he really meant it.  =)

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