Busy weekend – Day 3

Started the day early at 0900 because we had to meet the church caterer to finalise the details. At 10+, CG received an SMS from the deliveryman that he had delivered the washing machine to our new place. Turned out to be a false alarm. The deliveryman called again at about 11.30, this time he was really at our new place. So we went to our new place so that they can deliver and install the washing machine. I like my new washing machine! 🙂

Had bak kut teh for lunch with our church friends before proceeding back to my new place again. After which, we went to Parkway to exchange the air pot that was given to us. Managed to get a rice cooker, a kettle and an iron. 🙂 Went to Robinsons Centrepoint to see if we could get anything (cos we both had Robinsons vouchers that we needed to spend), crossed over to OG Orchard where we managed to find the champagne ties for the guys to wear on the wedding day. However, there were only 3 left on the rack. The saleslady will be calling the supplier today to see if there’s any more stock. Please pray that there is, cos that would be 1 big hassle down.

After a quick dinner, we decided to go to OG Bugis to see if they had any nice champagne-coloured ties but sadly, no. Bought a sweater for Japan and a knife for my new place. Went to pick up a file from a colleague before coming back home again.

And in case you were wondering why am I posting at such unearthly hours, it’s because I haven’t slept since last night. I need to conduct an important briefing at work today and have not prepared anything. And I had no clue how to go about preparing for the briefing. Spent the whole night working on it, and by the time I was done, it was already about 4.30am. Decided not to sleep for fear of oversleeping and being late for work, so here I am, blogging. 🙂

Okie dokie, going to shower and go to work. Stay tuned for more updates! 🙂

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