Less than 1 week to go…

Yes, it’s less than 1 week to go! People have been asking me if I’m excited. Yes, I’m excited but as the date draws nearer, it gets more and more stressful cos there always seems to be things not done yet. And it doesn’t make it better that I’ve gotten the flu bug. Been sick since last Sunday and having a bad cough. The cough is so bad that sometimes I feel like puking. Please pray for me, I need to recover fast!

Some updates about the wedding and our new place :

1.  We decided to concentrate on only the living room and the master bedroom and get it done in time for the wedding. The lights are up already, curtains and sofa will be coming by Thurs. The mattress and washing machine is already here. The bedframe and cupboards are under construction. All works will be completed by Thurs. I’ve scheduled the cleaning to be on Fri and by Sat, it will be ready for the wedding!

2.  I guess all the major stuff for the wedding has been settled. We’ve met up with the coordinators, told our various KAH of their roles, bought the stuff we need. I am so so happy that we managed to get the gifts for our parents today. I just like the gifts so so much! 🙂 We also managed to get champagne ties for all the brothers. In case you still do not know, the colour theme for my wedding is white and champagne. We are still left with some nitty gritty details here and there, but I guess it should be settled pretty soon. The rehearsal is on Tues, please pray that everything would go smoothly. 🙂

I feel very very blessed that we have so many people to help out in so many aspects of the wedding. Thank you, everyone! Without all of you, I really don’t know what we will do…  🙂

And more importantly, I think there’s someone whom I really need to thank cos he’s the man behind everything. Yes, CG has been doing a lot a lot for the wedding. He is the one who came up with the spreadsheets, thought of the details that I missed out, settled almost the whole itinerary for our honeymoon and I must mention this, the videos. I must tell you, the videos are fantastic, they are so professional! There are so many other things that he has done. Thanks dear! I know I can’t thank you enough, but still, thank you! 🙂

Ok, we’ve only got 5 more days to go… I’m looking forward! 🙂

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