Pre-wedding anniversary

1 year to our wedding… what have we done and what have we not done?


  1. Started a blog to document our journey
  2. Registered for individual gmail accounts so that we can put everything on Google Docs and work on the various files together. (The really wonderful thing about Google Docs is that you can work on the same file at the same time! No need to fiddle with sending each other the latest version, working from 1 computer etc… of course, the downside is that you need to be online to work.)

Not Done

  1. Booking of bridal package, photography package etc…
  2. Coming up with a timeline so that we know what needs to be done any by when
  3. Guess we should have a common email account to handle all these bookings etc…
  4. Hmm.. should we change the name of this site? Not very suitable to be using for our own public personal emails that we give to anyone we meet. What a waste of such a meaningful domain name

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